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Joseph Kucharski

Broker, NAEA Expert Advisor

Smart Home Selling Strategy

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The Kucharski Team's
 A Proven Home Selling System... That Works.  


As Home Selling Advisors we use the Smart Home Selling System

to manage over 80 home selling variables with these 7 essential steps. 

Smart Home Selling Strategy always begins with your needs!


Yes, to protect your equity...

We always start with a Smart Home Selling Strategy...

Have you ever heard of a truly successful project starting with anything less than a solid, well thought out game plan?

Of course not.

This makes perfect sense… Common sense.

Every successful project requires detailed planning to ensure everyone involved fully understands the objectives and the ultimate scenario you are seeking to achieve. Selling your home is no different.

With over 20 years experience helping home sellers reach their goals I've paid close attention and started to notice the common thread in all successful home selling projects. I've come up with the 7 essential steps to develop a proven, repeatable home selling system to reduce a somewhat complicated situation to nearly predictable results each and every time.


The 7 Essential Steps To Smart Home Selling System

Step 1 - Smart Home Selling Strategy & Expert Advice
Step 2 - Preparation, Expert Pricing & Presentation
Step 3 - Target Marketing Exposure
Step 4 - Cooperating Buyer Agent Incentives
Step 5 - Lead Generation, Qualification & Acquisition
Step 6 - Expert Negotiation Strategy
Step 7 - Operational Execution & Closing Process 

It is helpful to know that selling a home is a process, not an event. Which is why completing each step is like earning interest with a saving account...

At first the gains seem tiny.

Almost unnoticeable.

But then on closing day...

You will look back over these reports and see why our way of selling your home is responsible for getting you far more money than the traditional agent… Sometimes up to 6% or more than what could be expected.

The Kucharski Team at RE/MAX will provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions...


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